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If we can not find the exact militaria item you are looking for, we can manufacture it for you. We can have military components modified to meet your specific requirements and custom displays crafted to meet your vision. We've got you covered if you're looking for a top-of-the-line military art display. We have experience with firearm component manufacturing and compliance, so you can rest assured that your components will meet all the necessary standards. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for the latest updates!

How We Can Help

WWII STUG Tank 1:1 Scale Replica


You have an idea, but don't know how to make it a reality. From the simple and practical to the seemingly impossible, we’ll help you take that idea and bring it to life. 

Contact Us

Once you have an idea of what you’d like to accomplish, fill out our form on the contact us page letting us know what you’d like to build and we’ll walk you through the next steps.

Schedule Planning Meeting

In our planning meeting we’ll discuss the details of your vision and the best strategies to approach your project with. 

Begin Production

Once blueprints have been made and plans have been finalized, we’ll secure the deposit for your project and embark on the production phase so that we can begin bringing your vision to life.

Create Schedule

As we begin production we’ll work together to establish a schedule for the project, setting benchmarks and completion dates that will make the process flow as smoothly and predictable as possible. 

On Site Installation

Once all of the necessary components have been acquired we’ll install the piece on your site, allowing the rest of the world to finally appreciate the vision you’ve worked so hard to bring to life. 

Ongoing Product Support

You can rest easy knowing that we’ll continue to work with you to arrange for any maintenance that needs to take place after the installation so that your vision will forever be as pristine as the day it’s installed. 

Bring Your Vision to Life

Let's make your dream a reality. Contact us now to get started.