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Importing Military
hardware & Vehicles

With our network of connections in the industry, we can procure the rare items that other importing services might not be able to find—rare military vehicles, old Range Rovers, tanks, armored vehicles, artillery pieces, militaria, collectibles and more.

In addition, we have the experience and expertise to handle the importation process from beginning to end, including obtaining the necessary permits and complying with customs regulations. Our team has over 20 years of experience in importing military vehicles, components, collectibles and hardware, so you can rest assured that your shipment will arrive safely and on time.

& Compliance

Military hardware importing compliance can be a red-tape nightmare. No longer stress about all the paperwork and logistics involved in moving parts and accessories from one location to another.

With our experience with licensing permits and compliance, as well as our connections across the globe in importing militaria and collectibles, you won’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll ensure everything is done according to the law and that you’re getting the best possible product and service.

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